Animated Nyan Cat what


singaporean and korean

kpop yes, multi fandom-ed, i reblog whatever i like. also i read a lot and i watch lots of cartoons and dramas and variety shows and stuff like that

i especially have feelings for
B2ST CNBLUE EXO BTOB BTS ahhh I love too many people and i dont wanna have a bias but damn jung yonghwa and zhang yixing

Let's be friends yes

sexing under an umbrella watching the performance ʘ‿ʘ 

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"Together forever,"

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I use to wear two pairs of pants to school so I could be like hey guys look at me and pull down one of my pants and they would be shocked but it was ok because I was wearing another pair of pants.

But one time I pulled down both pairs of pants

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when you think you can ace a test but then you have a black out and forget everything you’ve studied during the past few weeks

"I swear to high I’m not God-wait what-"

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